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When you enroll with me to get your oils, you gain access to an amazing supportive tribe... The Rainmaker Sanctuary is a group of like-minded, caring, enthusiastic individuals led by passionate, educated leaders who believe in looking at life through a holistic lens. Our tribe is full of Health Coaches,  Moms, Nurses, Educators, Health Advocates, and many others who are motivated to live healthy happy lives. We love supporting everyone who joins us and our private community is full of information and educational materials and provides an open safe place to ask questions anytime you need to. We also have many specialized groups and free health programs if you would like support with something specific. It truly is a Sanctuary and the most supportive place to be on your journey to health!  Once you are signed up please email me or reach out to me on Facebook so that I can add you to The Rainmaker Sanctuary. Improving the World, one raindrop at a time!

A few more things you should know about essential oils...

Safety Tips and Other Good Things to Know about Oils:

·      Hot oils (Thieves, Oregano, etc..) dilute if you’re putting anywhere on the skin (except the bottoms of feet)

·      Neat = straight, Diluted = add a carrier oil (olive, coconut, avocado etc) and mix before applying

·      If you get an EO in your eyes or if it feels hot on your skin- do NOT put water on it, add a carrier oil instead

·      Add water or a warm washcloth if you want to drive the oil into skin or body (tummy ache, sore knee etc)

·      Some oils are photosensitive (citrus oils esp) wait 12 hours before going out in sun

·      Bottles are dark to protect, keep out of direct sun and heat

·      Drops- 5 ml bottles- 80 drops, 15 ml- 250 drops

·      Don’t put oil directly in ears or eyes.

·      Pregnancy and Babies- most are safe, dilute for babies, refer to Gentle Babies book for both.

·     The bottoms of your feet have vita flex points (also have them on your spine, hands, and ears) and is a great place to put oils

·      Pin Hole drop for easy pour

·      Plastics- do not drink oils out of plastic cups, EOs break down petrochemicals which is good when they’re in the body but we do not want to break them down in a plastic cup and then drink them.

·      Listen to and trust your intuition and always do your own research!

·       Oils can be used to make food, personal care products, cleaning products, etc…